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Need to lose weight? A 3 day diet just might be right if you:

  • Have a date on Friday and need to fit into your favorite outfit...and it's already Tuesday!

  • Want to see the scales moving down again after being on a plateau.

  • Want to fit into those special jeans without feeling like a stuffed sausage!
  • Want to kick-start your new diet by losing weight -- get rid of a few pounds fast.

Shed Pounds Fast

A 3 day diet can help you lose weight for a special occasion, or to get you motivated before you start a new, longer-term diet. 

This is not a total weight loss plan, but something to get you over the hump.  When you see the numbers on that scale inching down, it gives you confidence!

Free Copy of 3 Day Diets!

You read it right -- a free copy of 3 day diets, ready and waiting for you!

Three day diets do work, but you have to follow the plan -- no substitutions, and you must eat all the food listed, every day.  Hey, you can do it -- it's only three days!  

Want to get started?  Here are just a few of the free 3 day diets in this site:

Need Help on a 3 Day Diet

And more!  Check the Three Day Diet plans page for all the weight loss programs included.

Your Diet -- Easy Tip #1

It's important that you follow, exactly, each diet.  Easy tip number 1 is just that -- follow it just the way it's written.

And tip number 2 -- drink lots of water, no matter which diet(s) you choose.  It's important for cleaning out your system and releasing water weight.  (You can find out more about this on the drink water to lose weight page.)

Supplements and More

I've also included information about the various nutritional health supplements and also weight loss supplements

Oh, and it wouldn't be complete if I didn't at least mention the benefits to exercise, as well as some easy exercises to do at home.

Long Term?

Yes, I've got reviews for some longer-term plans, including a NutriSystem diet review.  These can help you to lose more weight (once your 3 days are over) and then keep it off.   Oh, and check out information about 1200 calorie a day plans and why you don't want to go lower!  It just may surprise you.

Okay, ready?  Let's explore and see how much weight you can lose!

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