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New Cabbage Soup Diet

The new Cabbage Soup Diet is a bit different from the traditional 7 and 10 day versions. Unlike some of the other diets, your menu isn't the same for each day - outside of the soup, that is.

There's the original cabbage soup diet, which is for seven days.  Then there is the 3 day new cabbage soup diet, for those of you who either don't like cabbage that much or who don't have 7 days!

The soup really isn't all that bad, just a bit bland.  You can spice it up some with some herbs and perhaps some hot peppers.  Just don't use salt.

Cabbage Soup DietCabbage Soup Diet Guidelines

First and foremost of the cabbage soup diet guidelines is this -- you should never let yourself get hungry.  You are encouraged to eat as much soup as it takes to keep the hunger pangs at bay.  Don't stuff yourself, but don't think you'll lose weight faster if you're hungry, either.

Drink lots of water -- 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses a day.  If needed, you can dress up your water a little with some Crystal Lite, but for no more than 4 glasses worth.

Eat all the food in the order it's described on the cabbage soup diet plan page.

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan Shopping List

See the shopping list -- it's on a separate page so you can print it easier:

You will  have to do some prep work after you get the groceries home -- you will have to prepare the veggies and then actually make the cabbage soup, which takes about 2 or 3 hours.

The Cabbage Soup Recipe and Plan

Included is the actual soup recipe, as well as the 3-day eating plan. 

Here's the plan menu and the new cabbage soup recipe (on pages that are easier to print out for reference).

What Can Happen?

The 3 day new cabbage soup diet is lower in protein than many other diets.  Because of less protein, you can lose from 1 to 3 pounds on this plan.

This diet is fine if you just need to drop a couple pounds fast.  If you'd like to stay on it a little longer for more weight loss, try the original one week plan.  Word of warning, though -- it can get boring for seven days, unless you adore cabbage soup.   

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