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3 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Plan Menu

The 3 day cabbage soup diet plan menu is a little on the complicated side...or maybe not.  Unlike several of the other 3-day diets, you eat differently each day.

A special note for the cabbage soup diet menu - you absolutely, positively must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.  More if you can manage it.

You can also have green tea and sodium-free diet sodas, but limit them -- drink the water instead.  You may have a little saccharine or aspartame for sweetner. 

Once again -- drink that water!

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan Menu

Day 1

Cabbage Soup Diet PlanDrink all the soup you want, and don't let yourself go hungry.  When you need a little something sweet, grab a piece of fruit (as long as it isn't a banana).  Drink your water throughout the day.

Day 2

A little different today.  Still drink that soup, all you want.  But instead of grabbing a fruit when you need something different, grab some raw veggies instead.  (In other words -- no fruit today.)

For dinner you can add a small baked potato and a (very) small pat of butter.  Continue drinking up the water.  

Day 3

You'll be eating that soup again -- hopefully you aren't too tired of it!  But today you can have some real protein -- 10 to 12 ounces of your choice of beef, skinless chicken or fish.  You can have it at once or spread it out during the day.  No fruit or raw veggies.

The beef/chicken/fish can be grilled, broiled or baked.  Don't add any salt, but you can add herbs in you wish.

You are still drinking that water, right?  It's especially important today!

The Day After Menu

Be careful of any and all salt -- introduce it slowly back into your diet.

If you still have some soup left, continue to drink some at lunch and/or dinner.

Continue drinking water, at least 6 glasses a day, in addition to any other caffeine-free liquids.  Oh, and remember to check any diet soft drinks for sodium -- skip it if they have it listed in the ingredients.

Now you know the 3 day cabbage soup diet menu.  While it's not a diet to follow for long (too low in protein and fat), it can be useful to drop a few pounds.  As long as you don't mind cabbage!

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