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3 Apple a Day Diet, For Three Days

The 3 Apple a Day Diet is fairly new in the land of weight loss, mainly do to some fancy marketing.  When you read the apple diet menu, you'll see that it looks fairly familiar.

But that doesn't mean that the 3 day apple diet doesn't work!  Far from it -- it does.

This menu is pretty decent, and one of  the few that you can safely stay on more than 3 days.   It's medium to high in proteins, medium to low carbs and has a moderate fat content.

3 Apples a Day DietThe 3 Apple a Day Diet Shopping List

Given the variety in this program, the shopping list is a little more complicated.  The list is on a separate page so you can print it easier, to take to the grocery store:

One thing you can count on is that you will be buying lots of apples!  (But you knew that, right?)

The Apple Diet Plan

The eating plan is quite varied on the apple diet plan, allowing you to pick and choose, up to a point.  That doesn't mean you can go willy-nilly choosing foods in your program. 

Here's the apple diet plan menu, along with the information on switching around you daily menus.

A special note, if you are choosing this eating plan.  You must eat the apples with the skin on.  It's OK for you to chop or slice them, but the skin provides nutrients and fiber that you need to be healthy.

As always -- drink lots and lots of water while on the 3 apple a day diet.  Check for more information on why you should drink water.

Weight Loss?

The apple eating plan is fairly high in proteins, so as long as you drink plenty of water, you can lose 1 to 4 pounds on this 3-day program.

You can stay this menu for longer than 3 days, but do so with caution.  Not because it's dangerous, but because you have lots of options -- easier to go off the diet.  If you need a rigid plan to help you lose weight, this diet probably isn't for you .  

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