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3 Day Tuna Diet

There are two versions of the 3 day tuna diet.  The original I wouldn't wish on anybody (except for maybe a cat).  There is zilch in the way of variety.  You can see the original 3 day tuna diet page if you are curious.

Now that there is a new and improved version of this three day diet, you can rest easier.  Yes, you still get to enjoy tuna fish for all three meals, but there is a lot more variety -- well compared to the original plan, at any rate.

It's always wise to take healthy supplements, on this diet, or any weight loss program for that matter.  Weight loss plans can provide enough nutrients for a few days, but best not to count on it. 

You can buy your supplements at a grocery store, pharmacy, health-food store or online, whatever is easiest for you.

3 Day Tuna DietThe Shopping List

See the shopping list for the diet -- it's on a separate page so you can print it for a grocery list easier.

A word of warning -- p repare to buy a lot of tuna...

The 3 Day Tuna Fish Diet Plan

Each day has the same menu, which you can vary only in the choice of your steamed or raw veggies.  This isn't a weight loss program for the faint-of-heart, but you won't grow gills with this plan -- unlike the original one! 

Here's the daily menu and recipes (on a page that's easier to print out and carry with you).

What to Expect on the 3 Day Tuna Diet?

The new and improved diet plan is much easier to manage than the original and still only has around 1,100 calories for the day.  With all the protein in the diet, you can lose from 1 to 4 pounds.

Note:  If you get really hungry on this eating plan, add a low-fat protein to your snacks -- for example, a piece of string cheese works well.  Naturally, you can also eat all the raw veggies you like, but without salt or dips.

This diet is great if you just need to drop a few pounds fast, but I don't recommend it more than twice a month.  Although tuna has acceptably low amounts of mercury, it's not something you want to chance. 

You might not even want to do it that often anyway, unless you really, really like tuna fish!  

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