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3 Day Smoothie Diet

The 3 day smoothie diet is great if you like...fruit smoothies!  If you don't, then you might want to pass on this one -- no sense in torturing yourself.

This fruit smoothie diet is actually pretty healthy -- you get fruit, veggies, protein and a little bit of good fat. 

Although you could (in theory) stay on it more than three days at a time, you'd probably get too bored.

However, you can repeat this 3 day diet once a week, if you find that it's a good fit for you. 

3 Day  Smoothie DietOh, and because it's tough to get a smoothy at work, you'll see that there is a different option for lunch.  After all, there usually aren't any blenders at work, and you will need one.

As always, make sure to take healthy supplements, on this, or any diet.

Your Shopping List for a Diet Fruit Smoothie

See the shopping list for the smoothie diet -- it's on a separate page so you can print it easier:

Remember, you will need a blender for this diet -- it's not one you can do in a shaker cup.

3 Day Smoothie Diet Menu

Each day is the same -- 2 smoothies and 1 large salad. 

Here's the daily 3 day smoothie diet menu and recipes (on a page that's easier to print out and carry with you).

Here's something special -- the recipes you'll find on the menu page mix up very thick and rich, so it's almost like a milkshake.  Yum!

What Can You Expect on the 3 Day Fruit Smoothie Diet ?

The fruit smoothie diet is a little higher in calories than some of the others on this site, but it is still around 1,200 calories for the day.  Because of the high-quality protein in the whey and also the cottage cheese, you can lose from 1 to 3 pounds.

Not bad at all, especially when you are indulging yourself so much!  A diet smoothie drink tastes great and is filling.

This is a great plan for someone who wants to see some quick weight loss but who doesn't want to feel hungry or deprived.  It's also a good intro into your permanent weight loss program  

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